Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay so my weekend turned from shit sticks to amazing in 10 minutes! I got invited to go to Melbourne with jordz but mum said no.. Two hours later he text me saying "are you sure you cant come? im leaving now" So i had one last try with mum and she said yes! :D Funniest shit i swear. 2 minute make up job and straightened my fringe that's all. Packed everything from the clothes line and took off. It was great! Melbourne was so pretty at night and when i got there i found out what krispy kreme was! Omg i was so surprised that there is such an existence as a 24hour drive through donut store! :O Sooooo bad. So after i got laughed at for not knowing about it, we went to get drinks. We showed up at a supermarket so cyle could get curly wurleys and as we are going back to the car some random had left his music pumping and the car open!! We were so surprised and Jordan cracked the funniest joke about how he would be sitting in the store with a sniper waiting for someone to try take his car n.n
Then on the way back we drove on the wrong side of the road out the front of the police station.. IN cyles car.. with L plates and 3 people in the car. o.o so lucky we didn't get pulled over. argh. I met the nicest people that night! I learnt a drinking game called 'ride the bus' it crazy! And i met this kid that looked like Sid off skins! :D i got 1 hour sleep Friday night arr.
We woke up and got MCDonalds for breakfast. I got coffee that tasted like ass and we then went into the city. We went to music stores and stuff but only stayed in for about 2-3 hours before we got too tired, we went back home. I fell asleep at 7:30 on Saturday night. Cyle and his gf went to the movies and jordz woke me up and he went to krispy kream at 10:00!!!!!!I fell asleep while they were out. Omg donuts at 10pm. I woke up to a donuts in my face -_-
We woke up around 10:30ish and got ready and stuff, took us ages to search on Google map where the evelyn hotel was in fitzroy for the confession gig. We eventually got ourselves together and even got there early!:D
The line up was great! Dream on dreamer played first! I was abit pissed i missed there first few songs cause there an amazing band! n.n No way out played aswell and some other bands i didn't know. Confession were great! :D Jordz got mic grabs! When no way out played there was people hanging from the roof and a massive circle pit in this tiny pub/motel thing. It was amazing!
I met miikal as well! Yes his amazing. And yes his a babe in real life.
It didn't Finnish til 6. Yep went for 4 hours o.o
After the gig we drove to Phillip island to get sarah's wallet. (Jordans, cousin masons' girlfriend) c: It was heaps fun just driving there listing to confession and 'i kill giants' LOVE THEM! :D cyle would not believe we were on an island haha!
We went to get dinner out there but all the stores were shut. It was so pretty! :)
Wwe drove back and got MCDonalds instead :D (Y)
We got back and basically slept after Jordan played some guitar.
And pretty much woke up at 10:30 and left back home. Err feels great to be home c: but i adore melbourne! Definitely Going there more often.

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