Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19th of november

Today i went shopping and got a new outfit for my job interview at onezack n.n Just shorts and a shirt i can wear around. I love my grandparents! I just needed help getting new buttons for my skirt and in result they take me shopping for a new outfit. WIN! I seen Joe at the plaza. It was quite embarrassing actually. I got out of the dressing room to get another skirt.. (mind you i was wearing a terrible combination) and there he is.. Just standing behind this clothing rack.
We ended up chillin for about an hour. I don't even know what we did, we just sat in front of Funtasia while he insulted me in any way possible! about my outfit and my fat belly and my ear! But he still says he loves me, god he confuses me. Oh my grandfather thought funtasia was a sex store o.o lul.
I haven't slept yet.. Like.. didn't sleep last night, And im pretty much buggered. I just got back from my interview and i think it went pretty well actually. Oh well i guess we will find out on Wednesday :D

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