Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I got 2 hours sleep o.o Bummer i was sooo exhausted today, running around in the heat. I want autumn to come back now :c

James is writing me a song tonight, Pre excited actually. His pretty special, being here for me the last few days when lifes been letting me down.
Scum is better off to go rot in the gutter, cause thats where whores belong :O
Oooooooh tad harsh but if you knew who i was talking about im sure you would agree. She is making my life hell!
Girls are such bitches. Seriously, grow up ladies. I personally prefer to sit around playing xbox and having a few drinks or out at a gig with mates than sit at home having a girls night bitching about your best friends and talking about all the boys you have fucked.
No thanks i pass.....

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