Monday, November 16, 2009


Argh its so hot.
Today i woke up in so much pain all through my body. I couldn't breathe and i was just so exhausted. Went down to the hospital and they said i have a pretty bad virus. Which isn't going to leave for another few weeks. I'm sick of laying on this couch "relaxing" I feel like a big fat potato head. Argh. All the muscles in my body just ache. blah
I did get a call today from onezack in the birallee and i have a job interview this Thursday. -crosses fingers- i hope i do alright with it.

I want true love, i had it once and it was good and all but it just wasn't right. I want someone amazing that i haven't had in a long time. Its so hard to find D:

I also finally decided what i want to do when im older. I want to be an audio engineer. It fits me so perfectly.
See i think im meant to be a boy. I want to jump of high bridges and get into the pit at gigs, but im a girl. And it really is frowned apon.
When i see good bands live on youtube or even in real life i get goose bumps and i just get a rush of happiness. I cant play instruments but i am good with computers and clearly adore my music.
Therefor i think audio engineering would be my ideal job. And to travel on tours would be fantastic but again im not sure how well that would go with being a girl.

eh its my dream.

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