Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow I have a lot to say. Sorry i neglected you blogspot ><
Friday was farry's funeral. I automatically saw akashia and had to give her a hug. Poor girl was crying so much! It was Crap but, got through it. Didnt attend the burial. Idk why i just couldnt. Everyone went to the boys house. Now bryan, dan and humm's. Just got really drunk And avoided talking about anything to serious. Brittney and I wrote up on the pole and cleaned up vomit, Someone puked in the bathtub! Peter helped me haha i was going to vomit aswell! We discoved a pole and a towel. Lol it was funny but he did well.
Had awesome 3way hugs with some randoms. They spillt beer in my hair. Stood in the hallway for about half an hour picking the hottest girls on the wall. They have it covered in semi-nood girls out of magazines. Haha. Made friends with Nicole again n.n And had endless conversations with Humm about my hair. Was a good night.

Saturday i slept til 4pm. Then went to a party with jade. It was full of gangsters and kids wearing UNIT haha!! But the cops broke it up pretty quick so everyone went to another party not far from there.. Poor guy got his i pod and play station 3 stolen D: Dero as. I was ashamed to show up with them...

Sunday night i went out to lunch with my grandmother. We only see her 2 or 3 times a year and she gave me and my brother $80 each. So that night i went to the movies with axel, devlin and kane. We saw zombieland and it was a great movie! I loved it.
Monday I spent the day in bed. Til about 5 me and axel walked to subway just to get there larg drinks haha we saw haddow. Which was great cause i thought he hated me.
Turns out i was right. Siff he would hate me cause i played some guy. We have been friends since year 7. The fuck? His bike is really low and i couldnt pedal haha! I was wearing my white wolf shirt and the tire got the back of it. I now have a black mark where my butt is on the shirt D:

I then caught a taxi to hannah baileys house about 11 that night. Picked up maddison along the way..
We got there and mitch and kai were really really drunk. They got in the spa and it had pretty lights but her sister got mad D: We sat on the roof. And hannah and i hurt our private parts >< haha. We got made to go inside and kai and mitch drank out of a kettle! lol.. I needed to use the bathroom But Kai just puked heaps and was in the shower. I saw a naked kai.. Boobs and ... Me sitting on the toilet awkward. Then everyone went to bed so shaemous and i decided to go on a trip to maccas. Had awesome chats along the way....... But when we got there the asians wouldnt feed us cause we werent in a car.
First car that drove through offered to take us through haha we said yes. He was awesome! He was 25 or something and was on his way to pick up his brother from the train station.. Him and shaemous had an awesome conversation about shaemous's kidney hahahaha I ceebs explaining the whole thing but if your interested read my bulletins lol.. They ended up driving us back to hannah's as our "Christmas present" lol
Shaemous walked maddie back to lavi then met dts for breakfast. Caught the bus back to wodonga but it didnt take me to bira so i walked from the main street. Yeah im fat and camplaining haha my feet were bleeding but i had the most amazing shower when i got home >< I really was ment to go back around there that night but i was dead to the world. Lol....

And so all of tuesday i slept my butt off.
And today/tonight i went down the street for carrolls in albury. Mainly just to see awesome people. I simply love kris... Because he lets me spit ice accross the table aiming for his mouth. I love harlee cause his a bigger girl than me.. Lol and he calls himself a fat lesbian hahaha! Eden.. Because he gives awesome hugs and can lift me up >< And i kinda love the awkwardness devlin brings into it. I smashed devlins box ;D I hate that kid. But i kinda love him too. He makes dirty jokes and crys when I bash him. But makes me cry with his mean remarks. Hannah and Cassie are just cute n.n They are both so so pretty and i just love hugging them both at once cause i never know which one to hug first aha! Akashia is pretty sweet. I waited in line for like.. half an hour for her stupid boost cause she didnt wanna see her boss o.o I saw jesse shaemous for like.. 5 minutes. Which sucked balls cause i miss jesse lots and lots. So anyways Im sitting here now.. Just got off cam with max.. And kris & eden. Texting joshua :/ mhm and i cant sleep. Dont think i will.

Case closed
I'm not here anymore
I'm not scared anymore
The way you walked away
I could tell you weren't afraid
To do the things you had to do
Even though I meant so much to you

But darling where you going?
Its so cold outside
I know that I cant be concerned
But your still in my life
(But your still in my life)

When I am miles away
Will you still check on me
Someday things will be alright
Just tell me we will be
Together someday
Its in the dreams I had
Ill be your sunset
If you'll be my silhouette
(If you'll be my silhouette)

Just take my hand and well
Never let go because
If were together now
We'll be together then
Step back and see me walk away
Then watch me run right back
I'll show you how to love again
This is the best idea I've had
(This is the best idea I've had)

When I am miles away
Will you still check on me
Tell me things will be alright
Just tell me we will be
Together someday
It's in the dreams I had
I'll be your sunset
If you'll be my silhouette
(If you'll be my silhouette)

It reminds me of him >< shhhh

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